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You’re ahead of the game already by launching your Rain ad campaign. Here are some quick tips and tricks that will maximize your mobile ad’s effectiveness. We may know mobile like the back of our hands, but you know your business and your customers. (After all, it’s both of our jobs). Together, we will be an unstoppable team.

Call to Action
Make the most of your ad with a specific call to action that will reach your customers. Are you offering a special deal? Do you have a new product? Make sure your ad includes something specific that will drive your customers to click on your ad, like a buy-one-get-one-free or discount offers.

An amazing call to action will add to your Rain landing page and all of your precisely placed ads will make your mobile marketing campaign a success!

Seamless Marketing 
Are you looking to boost holiday sales? Are you pushing a new product or special? Think about how your campaign will support your overall marketing strategy. Using complementing offers, logos, pictures and messaging will promote brand recognition and enhance relationships with your existing, and new customers.

Complete your Business Profile 
Make sure you’ve completed your profile, including your business phone number, website and key information that will give visitors all the info they need. Your landing page offers one-click-call and directions, which will bring new customers quickly and easily. Keep it simple.

Monitor Your Results
Use the full range of Rain’s capabilities by monitoring your ad’s success. We report things like clicks from your ad, the number visitors that have looked up directions, and how many people have called your business.. We’re here to help you throughout the process and to make your mobile ads as successful as possible.

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