From Start to Finish: Mobile’s Influence on Path to Purchase

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In a digital world, customers are constantly using their phone to manage their daily lives. A personal relationship with customers via mobile marketing is crucial in driving decisions when they enter stores and contemplate a purchase. According to EMarketer, Mobile devices used before or during shopping trips influenced almost $2 trillion in 2014.

In order to effectively reach your target audience, it is important to utilize various mobile channels including SMS, app, Web and social.

When all these channels are used, companies can retrieve vital information to better analyze their potential customers’ mobile interactions. When users download an app, the team behind the scenes is able to access which operating system they are using. This, in turn, helps marketers to better personalize their marketing strategies.

Where once mobile marketing was seen as a tactic, it is becoming vital to a companies entire marketing strategy. The goal is the same, but the marketers are able to attract and engage new and existing customers in ways not possible before. They are able to target potential customers through relevant content which can be based on location, interests and interactions with their mobile devices.

Most of all, it is crucial that marketers understand how mobile campaigns are performing across the entire spectrum, from mobile ads to messaging. Although consistency is key, marketers must analyze which tactic is working best to adapt their campaigns to whatever best triggers their customers and leads to the end goal — the purchase.

The key with mobile marketing is convenience. As marketers, we must provide our potential customers with instant access to product information and deals in the most accessible way to them.

As mobiles influence on the world has increased and continues to increase at a rapid speed, digital spending will almost equal that of television spending. Here at RainLocal, we can help you tap into this growing market.


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