Study Show That People WANT Mobile Advertising

I know what you’re thinking, no one likes ads and would do anything to get rid of them. But a new study shows that in fact people actually want relevant mobile advertising.

According to a recent study conducted by TUNE, “almost three quarters of us are not willing to pay even $1/year to avoid mobile ads. Only 9% would spend $1/week or more.”

This study also discovered that less people are using the “limit ad tracking” feature on iOS and Android devices, which limits the amount of data advertisers can gather to help reach the right audience with content that is relevant to their lives.

As a society, we look down upon advertising but this study proves that people are not willing to pay as little as $1 to rid mobile ads or turn on a setting that limits them for free.

As marketers, this gives us hope that if we find the right market and target them using the most relevant content, everyone is in for a better mobile experience.