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Get Results With Promoted Pins

There’s a lot of talk these days about social media and internet advertising. It’s where people, no matter their age, are going for information, shopping, and travel now.

Seems to me that you need to place your content where people look for their news and entertainment if you want your business found anymore. That’s the hard part though: everyone and their cousin is advertising online, especially on social media.

Even if you pay for your advertising on Google or Facebook, its going up with all the other paid-for links. Then the other day I got to checking out this Facebook thing called Pinterest.

My wife, her sister, my sister, my brother who works on classic cars, my uncle who restores old clocks, and a whole lot of other people just love collecting pictures of ideas for projects and purchases.

Here’s the interesting part: there’s almost no advertising or people selling stuff. It’s all people sharing and collecting pictures of ideas and work they’ve done on their own.

I did a little looking around on Pinterest’s website, and I found their business page. They do sell sponsored “advertising,” but it’s not really advertising. It works like this: you pay to sponsor or promote specific “pins” or ideas with images attached to them.

They are hash-tagged (that means connected to search keywords) so people will find your pins first when they are looking for ideas related to your business.

Here’s the great part: you only pay for a sponsored pin if people click on it. It’s called pay-per-click. When people pin your ideas to their virtual idea boards, share them with friends, or re-pin them from friends’ boards, that information gets recorded and sent back to you.

All those clicks means people are interested in your products and services, and that’s evidence that can point to an increase in referral business over time. When it comes time to show return-on-investment for your advertising dollars, this is the best thing I’ve seen.

Altogether, Pinterest is something worth looking into for any marketing department. There’s less competition, more genuine, measurable engagement, and you only pay for ads that actually generate what can become strong sales leads.

If you work in the marketing industry, go to Pinterest’s business page and read up on Promoted Pins. Make your paid advertising dollars go further, and watch those sales numbers climb.

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