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4 Benefits of Mobile App Advertising

The world is on the move. And, if I want my business and you want your company to succeed, we need to keep up. Mobile app advertising proves to the be all the buzz. And, this trend only seems to be getting louder.

More People on the Move Than Ever Before

The number of mobile users bypassed fixed Internet users in 2014. And, the momentum continues upward. That means if we in the marketing field want to reach a greater number of users, capitalizing on mobile methods proves the obvious way to go.

To get our name, our brand, our products out there, we have to get in into the consumer’s hands. And, the data supports that there are plenty of hands out there with devices in them. So, how do we take advantage of this market?

The Mobile App Is Where It’s At

While plenty of digital media activities exist to occupy our time, mobile app use consumes more client time than the desktop or mobile surfing. In fact, digital media use sitting at a desk accounts for only 40 percent of online time. And, do you know what accounts for 52 percent of the remaining 60 percent? App usage.
And, these figures are from 2014. In 2016, in-app percentages jumped to 84 percent.

Those of us with experience know you go where the growth happens. And, this opportunity cannot be denied. Wisdom dictates grabbing a hold of this baby and raising it up.

Mobile Systems Aid Highly Targeted Strategies

Even more so than mobile web searches, targeting specific consumer groups and encouraging interaction is the benefit of in-app advertising. Built in tracking allows you to gather location data and single identifiers to find the right audience easily. In other words, becoming highly targeted requires less research and manpower. The numbers are there for you to use in the best possible way for your company.

Show Me the Money

It only makes sense that profits increase where people gather. But, more than mere logic, experience proves mobile ads convert. When accounting for click-through and view-through conversions, in-app marketing strategies produce a profit. Any ad focused on what your consumer wants reaps rewards.

This is the future of mobile advertising. With a trend beginning nearly two years ago, you may be a late bloomer in the world of in-app marketing. But, it is not too late to jump on this trend and ride it into business success.

To join the buzz around mobile app advertising, give us a shout.

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