Reddit’s New Mobile Apps are Great Media for Advertising


Reddit, the popular social media community that allows users to vote on content has recently made a big change. Although it has traditionally been a medium that was used with desktop and laptop computers, for the past year, it has been developing a new mobile platform. This simple change has revolutionized the availability for advertising and marketing products. The apps are almost ready. Take a look at what you will get when they are revealed.

What is new?

Truly, everything is new, as this is a completely new avenue for Reddit. But, some features you can expect to see include a responsive website and in-house apps for both Apple and Google Android phones. All users can expect the app operation to be fast and smooth. The introduction of the updated website and the apps will open up new advertising opportunities.

Ideal for advertising

Since the app format is a stark difference from the traditional desktop one, it lends itself well for advertising. The mobile apps will fit traditional native ad units because they will naturally fit the standard-sized rectangular ads that are popular on mobile websites. So, now Reddit can show visual ads rather than simple text-based ones. It can also start prompting consumers to take specific actions with the use of direct-response ads.

Reddit attracts brands

Lots of branded companies are now attracted to Reddit because it has such an active user base. When a company does something well, the users on the site make a positive note of it. So, it is a great way to get a company’s name out there, especially when you are on an upswing. It is a great incentive for a company to provide exemplary customer service. The biggest hurdle a company must deal with when choosing to advertise on reddit will be gaining traction with the typical Reddit audience that has a tendency to be super-tuned-in to everything. They generally know when a company is trying to sell them something, so they often have buffers up to avoid it.

Reddit understands the potential it has as well as the hurdles it must face. But, the changes they are making are positive and they are headed in the right direction. Advertisers can rest assured when they choose to work with Reddit, it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

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