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3 Reasons Why In-App Advertising Is Ideal

More and more marketing gurus turn to in-app advertising as a way to capture the attention of consumers. Instead of annoying banner ads running on websites, companies and consumers see discrete advertising within apps themselves.

In-app advertising is an ideal situation for companies that want to earn more loyal customers who return again and again. Here are three major reasons why.

Time Spent

Users spend more time in apps and mobile devices versus surfing the web. A 2016 report from venture capital firm KPCB states that smartphone users spend 89 percent of their time on media in mobile apps and just 11 percent searching the internet. These apps may include games, music players and video streaming, but the overall choice is clear. More and more people spend time on smartphones, and they spend most of their time in mobile apps.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use smartphones. Android leads the way, followed by iOS phones. With new releases of phones each year, the market for these devices isn’t going away any time soon. Facebook’s ad revenue due to in-app ads skyrocketed 41 percent in just 12 months. Clearly, the trends are moving towards mobile.

What does this mean for in-app ads? It means more of your advertising and marketing budget should go towards in-app advertising. Companies must go where the consumers are so they can give the people what they want. That means mobile apps, more mobile apps and mobile apps all of the time.

Better Click-Through Rates

In-app advertising has higher click-through rates as opposed to mobile web use. Apps on smartphones deliver twice as many click throughs as opposed to ads on mobile web at a rate of 0.58 percent to 0.23 percent, according to a study from Medialets. These numbers are still small, but if you send out an app to 1,000 people that means your mobile app advertisement reaches 58 people versus 23. Those 58 customers could provide a vital source of steady revenue you didn’t have before.

Click throughs happen when people tap on a piece of coding in an app or on the web. The advertisement then measures precisely how this person found the ad and where the person went after clicking through.

Your app can’t rely on shnazzy ads alone. The in-app ad has to come with relevant content that your customers want to see. Your app must engage with customers and keep their attention long enough for the ad to be effective. Once you have good content, then you decide where the ad goes within your app. Fortunately, an app provides a precise way to measure what your customer wants.

Precise Targeting

Mobile apps work by mining information from a user’s smartphone. Based on an app’s terms of service, coding can get user information, location information through GPS, web searches done on the smartphone and even the products someone looks for on the phone. Companies use this precise information to make offers, deals and promotions to customers and clients.

Similarly, in-app advertisements can display at various times in the app. They can also have various topics based on a person’s location and clicks on the phone. In-app ads are incorporated seamlessly and naturally, so they produce a better transition from the actual app and to the advertisement. When apps work in concert with their advertisements, companies marketing their wares through smartphones win. The trick is to have a wide-ranging marketing strategy that puts mobile first.

For example, a customer sees a billboard driving along a city street or sees a sign on a storefront. The physical ad intrigues the consumer, so he or she grabs a smartphone to start looking for more information. This is where omnichannel commerce and mobile advertising comes into play. Your mobile app, and any ads you place with them, mine for new customers across many channels. An in-app ad can supplement advertising you have elsewhere.

Once you grab someone’s attention, it’s time to retain customers with offers and ways to get them into the store. After someone buys an item, your app sends them another ad to retarget for another purchase sometime in the future.

Final Thoughts

In-app ads are great ways to reach thousands of customers, even if you’re a small, local business. You need every advantage possible, which is where the experts at Rain can help. We can create a great mobile experience for your company and your customers that makes an efficient use of your hard-earned dollars. Whether you own a restaurant, bookstore, resale shop or pet grooming service, we have app marketing for that. Contact us today and let us show you how to drive mobile traffic to your business.

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