3 Effective Ways to Connect with Millennials

Millennials thrive off of being connected to one another. They don’t want your run-of-the-mill products and services from big name brands or mom and pop shops.

They want a personalized experience that is specifically catered to their needs and preferences, while making them feel part of an exclusive community or movement.

If you are a business, a brand, a person, or a company that is trying to target millennials, what are the best ways to do it?

How can you take a simple product or idea and use it to create something that these passionate consumers want to be part of for life?


1. Using the Right Platforms

One of the simplest ways that you can get in touch with your millennial consumer base is to hang out in the same places that they do – on social media. Take an inventory of the platforms that you use.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube

These are some of the most commonly checked accounts in the millennial social media arsenal. Now, out of those platforms, select two of them that you like the best, are using actively, and fit the best with your brand.

You also need to make sure the platforms that fit your brand the best are also where your millennial users are spending most of their time. That is key for connecting with your audience and growing your following. 

This has a lot to do with the kind of products or services that you or your brand provides, and what kind of media it lends itself to. There are 3 main types of shared media: text, pictures, and video.

Which one exhibits the character of your brand the best to your millennial community?

If you are a handmade jewelry company, Instagram and Pinterest would be the perfect showcases for your custom-made bling.

Have a lot of fun activities and events going on with your brand? Shoot some videos to share on Snapchat and upload to YouTube.

Maybe most of your audience is on Facebook. If so, you need to start sharing pictures, video, and fun or informative text posts at least once per day.

Choose two accounts that you enjoy using, that fit your brand, and that millennials are actively utilizing. Design a posting calendar for yourself which is appropriate for the platform you are using so that you can consistently produce quality content that will keep your millennial audience engaged.


2. Connect With Key Influencers in Your Market

Collaborating with other key influencers and personalities in your market is another incredible way to create buzz and spread word of mouth about your brand.

For example, think about some of the companies that you are familiar with and who they are using to promote their products. Think about Nike’s relationship with big name athletes like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Tiger Woods.

Notice how Reebok was able to completely redefine their brand and image by partnering with the Crossfit organization and Crossfit athletes around the globe. Bud Light has been partnering with Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer to create hype during an election year.

Those are some massive examples of building relationships with key influencers, but you don’t need to reach for professional athletes and top notch celebrities to promote your brand to the right people.

Search for four or five key influencers in your market that are actively using the social media platforms that you (and your millennial consumers) use. Look back through their posting histories to see if they have been promoting other products, companies, or services.

With many influencers, you can either offer to send them a free product in return for a post that promotes you, or offer to pay them to promote your post. Reach out to them by commenting on one or more of their posts or sending them a message so that you can make them an offer and generate some buzz for your brand.


3. Engage With Your Millennial Audience

Creating engaging content that sparks activity and conversation is one of the best ways that you can start building a loyal tribe of millennial followers and customers. When you are creating content for your social media, make sure that you engage your audience.

  • Ask questions to your followers so they feel their feedback is valued.
  • Include calls to action like liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting, reposting, or clicking a link.
  • Create polls so that your community can vote on something fun or valuable with your brand.

Millennials have the need to be part of a community or an experience that is greater than themselves. After that, you have to keep the conversation going.

Make sure that you are taking time to respond to comments and messages, as well as rewarding your loyalists for sharing your content with their personal networks.

One of the best ways to get feedback on your brand is by reaching out to the community that you want to serve and grow. Using this strategy will strengthen your brand’s credibility while increasing your visibility to millennials.

4 Benefits of Mobile App Advertising

The world is on the move. And, if I want my business and you want your company to succeed, we need to keep up. Mobile app advertising proves to the be all the buzz. And, this trend only seems to be getting louder.

More People on the Move Than Ever Before

The number of mobile users bypassed fixed Internet users in 2014. And, the momentum continues upward. That means if we in the marketing field want to reach a greater number of users, capitalizing on mobile methods proves the obvious way to go.

To get our name, our brand, our products out there, we have to get in into the consumer’s hands. And, the data supports that there are plenty of hands out there with devices in them. So, how do we take advantage of this market?

The Mobile App Is Where It’s At

While plenty of digital media activities exist to occupy our time, mobile app use consumes more client time than the desktop or mobile surfing. In fact, digital media use sitting at a desk accounts for only 40 percent of online time. And, do you know what accounts for 52 percent of the remaining 60 percent? App usage.
And, these figures are from 2014. In 2016, in-app percentages jumped to 84 percent.

Those of us with experience know you go where the growth happens. And, this opportunity cannot be denied. Wisdom dictates grabbing a hold of this baby and raising it up.

Mobile Systems Aid Highly Targeted Strategies

Even more so than mobile web searches, targeting specific consumer groups and encouraging interaction is the benefit of in-app advertising. Built in tracking allows you to gather location data and single identifiers to find the right audience easily. In other words, becoming highly targeted requires less research and manpower. The numbers are there for you to use in the best possible way for your company.

Show Me the Money

It only makes sense that profits increase where people gather. But, more than mere logic, experience proves mobile ads convert. When accounting for click-through and view-through conversions, in-app marketing strategies produce a profit. Any ad focused on what your consumer wants reaps rewards.

This is the future of mobile advertising. With a trend beginning nearly two years ago, you may be a late bloomer in the world of in-app marketing. But, it is not too late to jump on this trend and ride it into business success.

To join the buzz around mobile app advertising, give us a shout.

Get Results With Promoted Pins

There’s a lot of talk these days about social media and internet advertising. It’s where people, no matter their age, are going for information, shopping, and travel now.

Seems to me that you need to place your content where people look for their news and entertainment if you want your business found anymore. That’s the hard part though: everyone and their cousin is advertising online, especially on social media.

Even if you pay for your advertising on Google or Facebook, its going up with all the other paid-for links. Then the other day I got to checking out this Facebook thing called Pinterest.

My wife, her sister, my sister, my brother who works on classic cars, my uncle who restores old clocks, and a whole lot of other people just love collecting pictures of ideas for projects and purchases.

Here’s the interesting part: there’s almost no advertising or people selling stuff. It’s all people sharing and collecting pictures of ideas and work they’ve done on their own.

I did a little looking around on Pinterest’s website, and I found their business page. They do sell sponsored “advertising,” but it’s not really advertising. It works like this: you pay to sponsor or promote specific “pins” or ideas with images attached to them.

They are hash-tagged (that means connected to search keywords) so people will find your pins first when they are looking for ideas related to your business.

Here’s the great part: you only pay for a sponsored pin if people click on it. It’s called pay-per-click. When people pin your ideas to their virtual idea boards, share them with friends, or re-pin them from friends’ boards, that information gets recorded and sent back to you.

All those clicks means people are interested in your products and services, and that’s evidence that can point to an increase in referral business over time. When it comes time to show return-on-investment for your advertising dollars, this is the best thing I’ve seen.

Altogether, Pinterest is something worth looking into for any marketing department. There’s less competition, more genuine, measurable engagement, and you only pay for ads that actually generate what can become strong sales leads.

If you work in the marketing industry, go to Pinterest’s business page and read up on Promoted Pins. Make your paid advertising dollars go further, and watch those sales numbers climb.

Free Publicity: Help Your Customers Navigate to Your Business

Have you listed your business on Waze, Google Maps and other navigation apps?  These are free and simple ways to help your customers find your business when they’re nearby.

Ten years ago, having your company listed at the top of Google’s search engine was relatively easy – and affordable.  Now, securing top billing is much more competitive and expensive.

There are many other ways to reach customers now – whether on Yelp or even Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

Did you know you can list on Waze for free?

Similar to having a sign up for your business on a busy street, having your business listed in navigation apps like Waze will help more people “see” your business, even when they probably should be looking at the road.

Millions of people are using Waze daily, yet very few businesses are currently listed.  So, by listing your business, you’ll be ahead of the curve and positioned for success.

In addition to Waze, make sure your business is also listed on other navigation apps like Google Maps.  If you don’t have time to do this yourself, our mobile team can help.  To set up a time to talk to one of our professionals now, click here.

Tip: If you haven’t already, download the Waze app.  Use the app to help you navigate traffic to and from work.  Once you arrive at your destination, Waze gives you an option to take pictures of your business so visitors know what to look for when they arrive.  Do this!  This option enables you to select the photos that represent your business.

Your First RAIN Campaign


Lets Get Started

You’re ahead of the game already by launching your Rain ad campaign. Here are some quick tips and tricks that will maximize your mobile ad’s effectiveness. We may know mobile like the back of our hands, but you know your business and your customers. (After all, it’s both of our jobs). Together, we will be an unstoppable team.

Call to Action
Make the most of your ad with a specific call to action that will reach your customers. Are you offering a special deal? Do you have a new product? Make sure your ad includes something specific that will drive your customers to click on your ad, like a buy-one-get-one-free or discount offers.

An amazing call to action will add to your Rain landing page and all of your precisely placed ads will make your mobile marketing campaign a success!

Seamless Marketing 
Are you looking to boost holiday sales? Are you pushing a new product or special? Think about how your campaign will support your overall marketing strategy. Using complementing offers, logos, pictures and messaging will promote brand recognition and enhance relationships with your existing, and new customers.

Complete your Business Profile 
Make sure you’ve completed your profile, including your business phone number, website and key information that will give visitors all the info they need. Your landing page offers one-click-call and directions, which will bring new customers quickly and easily. Keep it simple.

Monitor Your Results
Use the full range of Rain’s capabilities by monitoring your ad’s success. We report things like clicks from your ad, the number visitors that have looked up directions, and how many people have called your business.. We’re here to help you throughout the process and to make your mobile ads as successful as possible.