Facebook Develops New Mobile Advertising Tools

From June 18 through June 25, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was at the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic Beach and Pier in France. This festival was originally founded in 1954. It is an eight-day program of celebration, networking, education and inspiration. More than 15,000 people from over 100 countries attend. There are over 40,000 submissions in 23 categories that are assessed by industry representatives to qualify for different awards.

This year, “Connect the World. Create for the World,” the main stage session, was hosted by Mark D’Arcy, Facebook’s Chief Creative Officer as well as Nunu Ntshingila, Facebook’s Director of Africa, at the Debussy Theatre. One of the biggest reveals at the festival was the announcement of the new mobile advertising tools that Facebook developed.

What’s New:

– Beta-test of Audience Insights API. Facebook is currently beta-testing the interface with a small group of advertisers. This includes Anheuser-Busch InBed and Mondelez International. The Audience Insights API will be available to partners early in 2017.

The gained insights can be used to create more effective campaigns by collecting psychographics, demographics, reports and topic data.

-Updates to its Canvas full-screen immersive ad product. These updates will allow marketers to design, create, share and gain insights. By advertisers sharing their Canvases with stakeholders, it will simplify the review process. Marketers will be able to see metrics such as clicks per component and dwell time per component to track performance of Canvas. Canvas will also have a new feed unit.

– Updates to its Slideshow ad product. You will now be able to overlay audio and text for Slideshow ads. There is also a video-to-Slideshow creation tool as well as the new ability to create a Slideshow ad from a mobile device. After this you can integrate it with Facebook’s photo library and the Shutterstock stock image library. What this means for small businesses is that they will be able to create, edit and boost customized Slideshows using already existing photos or stock images from Facebook.

-Launch of the Facebook Creative Hub. This will take a bit longer as it is currently being tested, but this is revolutionary in ad creation. You will be able to create ads from your smartphone or other mobile devices instead of needing to be on a laptop or desktop computer.

The use of mobile devices is only increasing as many people are on the go and need to be able to access a variety of things from many places. The way people absorb information from mobile devices is different than from other computers.

Mobile marketing campaigns need to be creative in order to be successful. People want to see something unique that will stick in their minds. If an ad is cookie cutter or boring, people will not be interested in the product. It needs to attract their attention.

Sometimes it can be hard for the people in the creative community to stay up to date with technology. Technology is ever-changing and must be monitored to keep up with the latest and greatest. The Creative Hub will help creative agencies to learn about the formats and different tools. From there they can share mock-ups, collaborate with stakeholders and experiment with content creation.

Creative agencies will be able to experiment with different ad formats for both mobile and online and see what works best. They will be able to work on their smartphones in addition to their desktops. There is a dynamic mobile feed that allows ad creators to preview their work. It will also produce a preview URL that can be shared with stakeholders to get their take on the mock-ups. There will also be a repository of case studies and content that is easy to navigate within the Creative Hub. This can help the creatives find inspiration for their work.

This gives the ability to create and publish campaigns from anywhere at any time. This will help ads get up sooner and reduce the time it takes from ad creation to development. It also helps creatives to work smarter.

Facebook has come up with some great tools for the future and will no doubt continue trying to improve itself. Getting ads across to consumers is only getting trickier with the increase of ad-blockers. By allowing people the flexibility to get feedback and work from any type of device, ads will be better, get up faster, and be more effective.

RAIN and Pokemon Go team up to bring your small business more sales than you can imagine


Pokemon lovers and business owners rejoice, there is a new business tactic that is sure to bring customers around. Less than a week after the release of Pokemon Go, this augmented reality game surpassed the engagement of Snapchat and is installed on more phones than Tinder. Users are getting sore legs from merely investigating the town in search of the next Pokemon. Often, users find themselves entering local stores, restaurants and other businesses. Businesses caught on and have begun incorporating this into their marketing strategies.

One of the many in-app purchases includes what the game calls “Lures”. Lures increase the rate of Pokemon generation in the area around the PokeStop where they’re placed for one half hour. When you break down the cost, it comes to a mere $1.19 an hour for tons of guaranteed foot traffic to your business.  Pokemon fanatics are always looking for the next rare Pokemon in their area; promote your lure on social media and watch the players flock.

RAIN will help your business tap into the fascinating market of Pokemon Go enthusiasts. With the help of our team, you can create a lure near your business or find out if you’re near a Pokemon gym to attract a wide variety of consumers. Imagine a Pokemon Go user walks into a local restaurant and smells the overwhelming aroma of French fries, do you really think they could resist? Act today and watch your business grow.

It is our goal to give our customers the best experience around, part of that means staying on top of the latest trends. If you have any suggestions of a service we should add, please reach out to info@rainlocal.com.

What Will My Ad Look Like?

When you’ve placed your promotion with Rain, our first action is to design your ad to perfection.

Our creative team designs your ad using images that you share, or we draw from our library of stock images. Once you love your ad, we optimize each ad for all the different apps where your business will be advertising – these include Waze, USA Today, Pandora to name a few.

These ads will be seen by customers on any smartphone when they’re within the targeted areas around your business.

Here are just some examples of what your ad might look like (CNN and Waze):

rain-placement (1)

We continue to monitor and perfect your ad throughout your mobile campaign – making sure the call to action, graphics and information is getting the best results.

Ready to go? Start your mobile ad campaign here: http://rainlocal.com/create-account.

Your First RAIN Campaign


Lets Get Started

You’re ahead of the game already by launching your Rain ad campaign. Here are some quick tips and tricks that will maximize your mobile ad’s effectiveness. We may know mobile like the back of our hands, but you know your business and your customers. (After all, it’s both of our jobs). Together, we will be an unstoppable team.

Call to Action
Make the most of your ad with a specific call to action that will reach your customers. Are you offering a special deal? Do you have a new product? Make sure your ad includes something specific that will drive your customers to click on your ad, like a buy-one-get-one-free or discount offers.

An amazing call to action will add to your Rain landing page and all of your precisely placed ads will make your mobile marketing campaign a success!

Seamless Marketing 
Are you looking to boost holiday sales? Are you pushing a new product or special? Think about how your campaign will support your overall marketing strategy. Using complementing offers, logos, pictures and messaging will promote brand recognition and enhance relationships with your existing, and new customers.

Complete your Business Profile 
Make sure you’ve completed your profile, including your business phone number, website and key information that will give visitors all the info they need. Your landing page offers one-click-call and directions, which will bring new customers quickly and easily. Keep it simple.

Monitor Your Results
Use the full range of Rain’s capabilities by monitoring your ad’s success. We report things like clicks from your ad, the number visitors that have looked up directions, and how many people have called your business.. We’re here to help you throughout the process and to make your mobile ads as successful as possible.